Artykuły Autora: Dr Irina Chelysheva, Dr Galina Mikhaleva

Dr Irina Chelysheva, Head of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology at the Rostov State University of Economics (Russia)
Dr Galina Mikhaleva, Lecturer in the Department of English at the Rostov State University of Economics (Russia)

Basic Approaches to Media Education in Russia. Sociocultural and Methodological Aspects

The articles presents a brief review of basic approaches to media education in Russia from the genesis to present-day conditions of Russian media pedagogy. The historical analysis of media education in Russia has shown that Russian media education tradition relies on several dominant theoretical approaches such as the semiotic, culturological, aesthetic, ethical, sociocultural and critical thinking development conceptions. Contemporary researches focus on studying media culture, various media effects and forms of media addiction, Internet safety and digital competences. Future research prospects of media education in Russia involve further development of scientific media education centers and schools promoting the investigation of urgent theoretical and practical media pedagogy issues. Read More …

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