Artykuły Autora: Dr Hab. Imre Szíjártó

College associate professor at the Eszterházy Károly College (Eger), head of department. Her field of Academic Interest: National cinemas in Central-Eastern Europe, methodology of teaching film and media studies. He is the author of E-book on cinema- and mediapedagogy, author of a book on methology of teaching. He has published articles in Filmkultúra, Filmvilág, Metropolis, Moveast; Jel-Kép, Kultúra és Közösség, Médiakutató; Jelenkor, Nagyvilág, Napút, Tiszatáj; Porównania, Slavica, Studia Slavica Hungarica, Studia Slavica Savariensia; Educatio, Iskolakultúra, Új Pedagógiai Szemle. Her academic titles: PhD 2002, habilitation 2010 (pedagogy). Contact:

Strategies of moving image comprehension of students in primary and secondary education

The research was based on a survey method of enquiry. We were looking for answers to the following questions: What strategies of moving image comprehension do participants use? Are there differences in social status in the level of comprehension of moving images? Are there differences between students whose education consists of the ‘moving image culture and media literacy’ module, and those whose does not? What typical levels of media literacy can be located amongst students? What tasks of development can we identify? Read More …

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